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The Jefferson Station entrance at 11th and Market Streets will be open during the entire service day and the entrance at 10th and Filbert Streets will have wheelchair accessible entry only.


Routes: 91
Service is suspended until further notice.


Routes: 13, 34, 36
Due to operator unavailability, service is operating with delays.

Regional Rail

Routes: Trenton
Regular weekend train service will be in effect on Sunday, Oct. 2. Due to operational issues, some weekday train service will not operate as regularly scheduled until further notice. Please check the

Broad Street Line

Routes: Broad Street Line
Sports Express trains will depart Fern Rock Transportation Center every 10 minutes from 10:10 A.M. until 12:20 P.M. for today's Eagles game.

Last updated: 12:02 pm October 2, 2022.

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