Procurement and Supply Chain Management Directory

PSCM general information: (215) 580-8300. For all ePS support questions, email [email protected].

Andy Abdallah, Assistant General Manager, Procurement, Supply Chain, and DBE: (215) 580-3345 or [email protected]

  • James Coombs, Director, Contract Administration: (215) 580-7190 or [email protected]
  • Robin Deveney, Director, Compliance and Quality Assurance: (215) 580-3505 or [email protected]
  • Marian Keating, Director, Materials Management, Infrastructure: (215) 580-8320 or [email protected]
  • John Vito, Director, Materials Management, Automotive, Rail, and Asset Recovery: (215) 580-8354 or [email protected]rg
  • Frank Zervos, Director, Supply Chain Management: [email protected]

Includes Power, Track, Communications & Signals, Bridges & Buildings, City Construction, Shops & Station Maintenance & MRO Materials

Procurements for infrastructure materials & equipment; metals & fabrication; maintenance of way (signals, ballast, various equipment); construction and building materials.

Brian Tippin, Supervisor, Planning & Material Availability: (215) 580-8102 or [email protected]
Michael Patchak, Supervisor, Planning & Material Availability: (215) 580-3754 or [email protected]
Edward Kenny, Supervisor, Planning & Material Availability: (215) 580-3040


Procurements for all vehicle-related parts and equipment.

Mark Rementer, Manager, Materials Management, Automotive: (215) 580-8314 or [email protected]

  • Todd Ciavarelli, Senior Resource Controller, Berridge and Germantown: (215) 580-4159 or [email protected]
  • Matt Donofry, Resource Controller, Midvale and Allegheny: (215) 580-8763 or [email protected]
  • Frederick Green, Senior Resource Controller, Southern and Callowhill: (215) 580-5312 or [email protected]
  • John Hogan, Resource Controller, Frankford and Comly: (215) 580-4848 or [email protected]
  • Michael Patchak Jr., Supervisor, Planning and Material Availability: (215) 580-3754 or [email protected]
  • Ashley Reinhold, Procurement Officer: (215) 580-8279 or [email protected]
  • Joel Rosario, Procurement Officer: (215) 580-3515 or [email protected]
  • Ryan Smyth, Resource Controller, Berridge and Germantown: (215) 580-6795 or [email protected]
  • George Tierney, Production Control Specialist: (215) 580-4218 or [email protected]
  • Robert Thompson, Resource Controller, Berridge and Germantown: (215) 580-4319 or [email protected]
  • Bryant Vaders, Senior Procurement Officer: (215) 580-7284 or [email protected]


Procurements for rail vehicle-related parts and equipment. This, however, excludes the purchase of new rail vehicles.

Marie Corbi, Manager, Materials Management, Rail Vehicles: (215) 580-7773 or [email protected]

Asset Recovery

Procurements for chemicals; janitorial supplies; electrical supplies; industrial mill supplies; safety equipment; wire & cable; catenary materials; HVAC/plumbing; rail, ties, screw spikes, printing; computer & related hardware items; products for the Transit Store; fare collection equipment, office supplies. Rental of construction or utility vehicles; purchase of new commercial vehicles (all non-revenue vehicles).


Procurements for construction projects; architectural & engineering services

Michael Piselli, Manager: (215) 580-8364 or [email protected]

Professional & Technical Services

Procurements for computer software & services; escalator & elevator repair; hazardous material disposal; real estate lease; rentals; technical services; professional services; transit advertising services; building management services.

Paul Stavros, Manager: (215) 580-3543 or [email protected]

George Troilo, Manager, Contract Grant Compliance: (215) 580 3048 or [email protected]

Administrative support for all procurement personnel and ePS administration.

Geoffrey Phillips, Manager, Business Process: (215) 580-8881 or [email protected]

Frank Zervos, Director, Supply Chain Management: [email protected]