Market-Frankford Line Service Adjustments Monday, Feb. 6 Due To Vehicle Inspections

Due to ongoing inspections following the discovery this weekend of support-beam cracks on two Market-Frankford Line rail cars, there will be a temporary shortage of rail cars during peak travel times. Beginning with the morning rush on Monday, Feb. 6, trains will operate with longer headways, and supplemental bus service will be provided.

Customers should allow for extra time for their commutes, during which they may encounter delays and crowded conditions. SEPTA urges customers to check for further details about the supplemental bus service on our website at

During the peak periods — 6-10 a.m. and 3-7 p.m. — service will operate as frequently as is possible with available vehicles, and A/B stop service will be suspended. Supplemental buses will be positioned at locations along the line to provide alternative service, and SEPTA personnel will be on-hand to assist customers. Midday and evening train service will operate on regular schedules, as will overnight Owl Bus Service.

These adjustments stem from the discovery this weekend of a crack on the body bolster — a main load-carrying beam — on a Market-Frankford Line car, during regularly scheduled vehicle overhaul work. To ensure the safety of our customers and employees, SEPTA removed some other vehicles that have indications of possible cracks. Other vehicles that have been cleared remain in service, and SEPTA expects to continue to add to the number of available cars as inspections progress.