New Schedules To Go Into Effect for Several SEPTA Regional Rail Lines, Oct. 8

New schedules are available now and system-wide for SEPTA’s Airport, Glenside Combined and Warminster regional rail lines. Schedule changes include:

Airport: Regular weekday half-hour service will continue on an adjusted schedule from the first morning train until 8:00 p.m. After 8:00 p.m., hourly train service to and from the Airport will be reduced from regular half-hour service to hourly service. Beginning Saturday, October 13, 2013, half-hour weekend service to and from the Airport will resume.

Shuttle buses will substitute regular service between Center City and Airport Terminals A-E on Saturday, November 10th and Sunday, November 11th, 2012. Passengers should refer to SEPTA’s new Airport schedule for updated trip times.

Airport Line train doors will NOT open to the Baggage Claim side platforms. Trains serving Terminals A-E will operate from alternating tracks. Customers should board from the center platform which is accessible by elevator, stairs and escalators from all Airport Terminals.

Warminster: Shuttle buses will substitute all inbound and outbound train service between Warminster and Glenside Stations for each entire service day on Saturday and Sunday, October 13 – 14 and 20-21st, 2012. Passengers should add an additional 18-20 minutes onto their trips. Shuttle bus times will be posted at stations and

Inbound: Shuttle buses will depart Warminster Station approximately eighteen minutes before the times listed in the October 8th timetable. Shuttle buses will stop at all stations between Warminster and Glenside.

Outbound: Trains will travel as far as Glenside Station. Passengers traveling north of Glenside Station will need to transfer to shuttle buses to complete their outbound trips. Shuttle buses will stop at all stations between Warminster and Glenside.

Passengers should also note that weekday trains-465, 469, and 473-will terminate at University City Station between October 8 and November 16.

Glenside Combined: Trip times have been changed on northbound weekend trains traveling to Warminster from Glenside.

Passengers can visit to view changes to their train lines and download new schedules. Riders can also contact SEPTA Customer Service representatives at (215) 580-7800.