SEPTA Board Chairman Announces New Board Secretary

SEPTA Board Chairman Pasquale T. Deon, Sr. has announced the appointment of Carol R. Looby as SEPTA Board Secretary. Ms. Looby, who had served as Assistant Board Secretary for the past 15 years, succeeds Elizabeth Grant who retired on August 1.

As SEPTA Board Secretary, Ms. Looby is a sworn officer of the Authority. In that role she is authorized, along with the Board Chairman or Vice Chairman, to execute any contract. Her responsibilities also include attesting to signatures of Authority officials; preparing and maintaining the minutes of all Board meetings; certifying Authority resolutions and minutes; ensuring the distribution notices of regular and special meetings of the Board; and briefing the Chairman and Board members as required on various matters of concern to the Authority.

Ms. Looby, a 28-year SEPTA employee, began her career in the Authority’s Legal Division. She served as Administrative Assistant to the General Manager for nine years before progressing to the role of Assistant Board Secretary.

Ms. Looby holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Cabrini College. She resides in Springfield, Delaware County, with her husband, Fran McGee, a member of the SEPTA Service Planning Department and a 25-year Authority employee, and their daughter, Ciara.