SEPTA Offers New Way For Customers To Report Cleanliness Issues on System

The QR Vehicle Cleanliness Survey will capture data providing information to maintain cleaner vehicles

SEPTA is also offering a new way for customers to report cleanliness issues throughout the system – by simply scanning a QR Code with their smartphone.

The QR Vehicle Cleanliness Survey asks customers to rate the cleanliness of their bus, train or trolley. The QR codes will be posted on a limited number of vehicles on each mode. Customers can find them near vehicle exit doors.

“Data collected from this survey is an essential tool allowing us a quicker response time when addressing these issues,” said SEPTA CEO and General Manager Leslie S. Richards. “Employing this technology stresses our commitment to providing a clean and safe environment for our customers throughout the system.”

Once the customer scans the code, the application will direct customers to complete a two-minute survey. The data is received by SEPTA’s operations vehicle maintenance group who will know how long the vehicle has been in service at the time of survey completion. There is also a comments section at the end of the survey for the rider to offer additional information.