SEPTA Officers Suspended Without Pay for Social Media Posts About Jan. 6 Riots

Two sergeants from the SEPTA Transit Police Department will be suspended without pay for inappropriate social media posts related to the riots in Washington, D.C. This follows a SEPTA Police Internal Affairs Investigation, and a review by the Police Board of Inquiry.

The sergeants were two of seven SEPTA police officers who traveled to Washington on Jan. 6. The Internal Affairs investigation determined that none of the officers were involved in the storming of the Capitol or other illegal activity that occurred that day.

The Police Board of Inquiry determined that the two sergeants acted irresponsibly and displayed poor judgment in making social media posts that could be interpreted as supporting the actions of rioters. The board agreed with the Internal Affairs review, which found that the posts violated SEPTA Transit Police Policy. The two sergeants will be suspended for three days each.

SEPTA leadership is working with citizen groups and subject matter experts to identity ways to strengthen the relationship the SEPTA Transit Police Department has with the communities it serves.

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