SEPTA Takes Proactive Approach To Battling Excessive Heat

Efforts Focus On Preventing Disruptions To Customers And Conserving Energy

With temperatures expected to reach the upper-90s or higher through this week, SEPTA is taking a number of steps to prevent heat-related disruptions to customers.

SEPTA officials are monitoring the system for potential infrastructure-related issues that can be caused by excessive heat, such as sagging overhead power lines and track buckling. To help prevent these problems, SEPTA is slightly reducing the maximum speeds for some trains. This adjustment also reduces the amount of electricity needed to run the trains, which helps cut down SEPTA’s overall draw on the region’s power system. In addition to this effort, SEPTA is taking all possible measures to minimize energy consumption at its maintenance facilities, offices and stations.

SEPTA has also stationed personnel and equipment throughout its service area to allow for quick responses to any heat-related problems that may arise. Real-time updates on any service disruptions will be posted on SEPTA’s Web site and on SEPTA’s Twitter account. In addition, Customer Service representatives can be reached by calling (215) 580-7800.