SCOPE Program

Leading the Way: SEPTA’s Coordinated Response to Safety and Security

American Public Transportation Association 2022 Innovation Award winner

More than a thousand individuals experience homelessness in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Due to this large-scale public health crisis, many of these individuals end up seeking shelter on SEPTA’s vehicles and in our stations.

In response, SEPTA partnered with organizations in the community and launched the SCOPE program, coordinated under a newly created Outreach Services Department. SCOPE, which stands for Safety, Cleaning, Ownership, Partnership and Engagement, is SEPTA’s system-wide, compassionate approach to connect vulnerable individuals with social services and provide a safe, clean transit system for both riders and employees.

Watch the video below or download a PDF of the plan to learn more about the problems SEPTA faces, where they are on the system and what SEPTA is doing about them. Riders, employees, policy makers, the business community and the SCOPE team are critical to ensuring SEPTA can provide safe, secure and reliable service that supports Philadelphia and the region through current recovery and for the long term.