Respect the Train

Stay Off the Tracks

When the train sees you, it will sound its horn as a warning but will not be able to stop in time because it can take one mile or more to stop.

We value your personal safety and work hard to provide information to customers and neighbors of our operations as well as anyone who walks or drives a vehicle in and around the service region.

Even with ongoing outreach efforts, we continue to see incidents, some with tragic outcomes, of people trespassing in the track right of way or ignoring safeguards at highway crossings.

  • Avoid crossing the tracks at an undesignated crosswalk or walking along the right-of-way.
  • Don’t think you can beat the flashing lights or crossing gate arm at a highway grade crossing.
  • Listening to music through headphones or being otherwise distracted when you’re approaching a station increases the likelihood that you will not hear an approaching train.
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