Safety Tips

  • Do not run for buses, trains, trolleys or attempt to board a moving vehicle. Passengers could be seriously injured or even killed if they fall into or under vehicles.
  • Do not stand or lean into the path of an incoming vehicle. Always stand at least a few feet away from the bus lanes or the train, trolley, or subway tracks.
  • Do not put your hand, pocketbook, umbrella, or any other object in the closing door of a train, bus or trolley.
  • Look before boarding or exiting a bus or trolley. On certain routes, where the streets are wide enough, cars may try to pass a stopped trolley or bus.
  • Regarding routes with center island platforms: always enter and exit the island from the proper locations. Be sure to access the islands only when the pedestrian light is green, and hold children’s hands when crossing the street.
  • Operators and engineers will occasionally pass up riders if a vehicle is full. SEPTA cannot allow additional passengers to board a vehicle if doing so will cause unsafe riding conditions.

  • When traveling with children, please remain extra vigilant during your ride. When exiting the vehicle, always hold the child’s hand and escort them on and off the vehicle.
  • Always keep your personal belongings with you while traveling on our buses, subways, trolleys, and trains. Before boarding or exiting one of our vehicles, please take a moment to make certain you have all your possessions, including any briefcases, purses, backpacks, packages or suitcases.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Most riders use the same travel pattern each day and become very familiar with stations, vehicles, employees and fellow riders. Be alert for suspicious people or objects. Most, of course are harmless, but if you are genuinely concerned, calmly inform a police officer or uniformed SEPTA employee. Never confront a suspicious person or touch a suspicious object. You may use the SEPTA Transit Watch app to report something suspicious.

  • Remain calm. Don’t panic. Follow the instructions of SEPTA or rescue personnel.
  • Never exit a regional rail or subway train until instructed or assisted by SEPTA or rescue personnel. High-voltage electrical systems on these trains are extremely dangerous.
  • Review emergency exit information posted in SEPTA stations and vehicles. Pay attention to the locations of exits from stations, buses, trains and trolleys. Review the location of safety equipment on vehicles.

  • Whether you are driving or walking, always be alert for vehicles crossing the street. Also, trolley tracks often run down the middle of the street, so look out for other vehicles when crossing them.
  • Do not attempt to cross train or trolley tracks after receiving a signal indication that the vehicle is approaching.
  • Be alert to all posted signage and safety warnings.
  • Yield to pedestrians and vehicles.

Safety Tipsheets

Download the tipsheets provided by Operation Lifesaver in PDF format.