Strategies for Finding Alternative Routes

Transportation issues may take many forms. Potential issues include:

  • An elevator outage
  • A bus route detour due to construction
  • Service delays related to vehicle issues, operator unavailability or other conditions
  • An equipment malfunction such as a lift failure
  • Unavailable seating
  • Difficulties boarding or alighting due to an external condition such as a sidewalk obstruction or severe weather

Tracking Service Changes

To monitor service changes, check the System Status, which will provide up-to-date information regarding detours, service delays, alternate routes, elevator outages and other changes that may affect your travel plans. Advisories may recommend alternate services or routes.

Other tools to help you plan and keep an eye on services:

Unexpected Issues

If you cannot be transported due to unavailable seating, a lift malfunction, or a problem while alighting, the bus operator will notify the Control Center and continue in service. The Control Center will alert the next bus to be prepared to board you.

If an elevator outage disrupts your trip, seek assistance from the station cashier or the SEPTA Key Customer Service Box to avoid having to pay an additional fare.

Alternate Routes

SEPTA offers recommended travel alternatives for each accessible SEPTA station in the case of an elevator outage. The directions have been tested by riders with mobility concerns.

Additional Tips for Finding Alternatives

Check the Station or Stop Adjacent to the Destination

If the issue is with a particular stop or station on your route or line, check the ones before and after your destination to see if they will serve your needs.

Check Other Services at or Near a Location

See if other services at or near the stop or station will get you to your destination.

SEPTA stations with elevators are located within two blocks of a bus route. All SEPTA buses are accessible. A bus may be the best alternative in the case of an elevator outage.

Change Directions

If an issue such as an elevator outage is only one direction — for instance, the westbound is out of service but the eastbound is operating — try passing the desired station and returning to it from the opposite direction.

On the Market-Frankford and Broad Street lines, some stations, even if not accessible to exit due to an elevator outage, have center platforms that may be used to change travel directions. Keep in mind that not all trains serve all subway stations.