Mobility Devices

When requested, SEPTA employees can help provide lateral movement, guidance and/or traction if your mobility device wheels are slipping when boarding a SEPTA vehicle. However, SEPTA employees will not carry or lift you, your mobility device, or any additional baggage you may have.

SEPTA personnel are permitted to assist you with fare payment as a reasonable accommodation.

See our Riding Tips for further pointers on using a mobility device on SEPTA vehicles.

Mobility Device Size Limits

Regional rail vehicles and SEPTA buses are able to support mobility devices such as wheelchairs, scooters, and wheelchair strollers that are up to 48 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 600 pounds in weight when occupied. Larger mobility devices may not be able to clear train doors or fit on buses properly.

Wheelchair Strollers

Wheelchair strollers are considered medical mobility devices. They should be boarded using the ramp or lift, and ride securely in the designated wheelchair area.

SEPTA has a voluntary tag program for individuals who utilize a wheelchair stroller to navigate throughout the system. Call (215) 580-7800 for details.

Operators are trained to look for a special tag provided by SEPTA that is attached to the wheelchair stroller, promptly deploy the ramp or lift so the wheelchair stroller can board, and secure the stroller in the vehicle’s wheelchair area. To speed your boarding, please tell the operator, “this is a wheelchair stroller – please put down the lift or ramp”.

Electric Balancing Scooters (Segways)

Customers with disabilities who use an electric balancing scooter as a medical mobility device may travel on designated SEPTA modes with this device at any time, upon presentation of Pennsylvania Reduced Fare Card. Such travel is subject to SEPTA’s policy on EBS use.

Mobility Devices and Service Animals

If an individual requires both the use of a mobility device and a service animal, please notify the SEPTA operator on how your animal has been trained to board (before, after, or with you). Please be cautious and careful when handling the service animal when utilizing lifts on any SEPTA vehicles.

SEPTA personnel are prohibited from taking service animals’ leashes or harnesses, or interfering with the duties of service animals in any way.

Using Seat Belts

Seat belts should be on your chair. We ask you to use them when riding on SEPTA vehicles. You will need this safety device when using the ramp to exit a low-floor bus.

Securing Mobility Devices

Wheelchairs and scooters may need to be secured, with the requirements varying by the mode of transit:

  • On buses, devices must be secured in at least three points, with the securements connected to non-movable parts.
  • CCT Connect operators must be able to clearly secure the device in four locations of non-movable parts.
  • Regional Rail cars do not offer securement features.

To speed your service, consider marking securement points with colored tape or equipping your chair with easy-tie down straps if you don’t already have these.

Several manufacturers offer wheelchair securement kits to help ensure a wheelchair or scooter will easily comply with SEPTA requirements: