Service Animal Training

SEPTA makes every effort to ensure that service animals in training and those working with them have a positive and welcoming travel experience when riding the system. We strive to provide any assistance you may need.

We welcome group and individual trips for service animals in training. To find out more, fill out our service animal training request form. Staff will contact you within three working days.

We also offer service animal training tips to help you plan training.

Individual Training

For individual training trips, we suggest you contact SEPTA at least a week before your journey for assistance in planning your first trip or two. We can work with you to develop individual orientation and familiarization trips.

Arranging short practice rides during off-peak times will minimize anxiety for you and your service animal. After the initial travel, individual trips usually require no further special efforts and go smoothly.

As discussed in SEPTA’s Service Animal Policy, be aware when traveling with a service animal in training, you may be asked to verify that you are a service animal trainer or affiliated with a training organization. SEPTA recommends, but does not require, that service animals in training wear identifying gear.

Group Training

Group trips must be arranged in advance. Typically, group trip requests must be submitted to SEPTA at least two weeks ahead.

We suggest you plan such trips off-peak to reduce stress for the trainee animals.