Vehicle Accessibility

Bus, Trolley and Trackless Trolley

All SEPTA fixed-route bus services operate with ADA-accessible vehicles. Every SEPTA bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp.

If you require assistance stepping up onto a SEPTA bus, the bus and/or ramp can be lowered upon request. Anyone is able to ask for a bus to be lowered or the ramp to be deployed.

Bus operators make every effort to curb buses and deploy ramps to the sidewalk. There are occasions when this is not possible. Operators are trained to minimally assist with boarding by guiding an individual up the ramp and/or applying weight on mobility device handles to add traction.

The bus route number and destination are displayed electronically on the front and side of every bus.

Buses and trolleys are equipped with stop request systems that provide audible indications that the request has been made.

On buses and trackless trolleys, audible alerts announce lift or ramp deployment.

Regional Rail

SEPTA Rail fleet, the Silverliner V cars, have six screens within each car that provide audible and visual station stop and connection information.

At accessible stations, bridge plates are available on request. If needed, we recommend waiting by the bridge plate generally located where the first car of the train stops.

CCT Connect Paratransit Service

CCT Connect provides ADA paratransit service to individuals with disabilities who are functionally unable to use fixed-route transportation. There is also a Shared-Ride paratransit program for adults 65 and older that utilizes the same vehicles.

Additional Features

All SEPTA vehicles are equipped with priority seating for individuals with disabilities and seniors. Priority seating is marked with the wheelchair symbol.

If the seating area is filled, the operator should ask if anyone is able and willing to move out of the seat. If no one yields a seat, the operator is to alert the control center an individual requiring priority seating was not able to board and the next vehicle should be able to take them.

If it is not possible on the next vehicle, a supervisor is dispatched to the stop.

priority bus seats
Blue bus seats with yellow writing and a wheelchair image indicate priority seating for individuals with disabilities and seniors.

Audible Route and Destination

SEPTA transit vehicles are equipped with an audible external public address system that identifies the route or line, stop, and connection information.

Door Closing Indicators

SEPTA transit vehicles feature door closing indicators that audibly warn riders of opening and closing doors.

Low Vision Markers

To assist riders with low vision, SEPTA vehicles feature the color yellow as a marker.