ADA Paratransit for Visitors

If you live outside of SEPTA’s service area and are a person with a disability that prevents you from using a regular bus, you are eligible for 21 days of ADA paratransit service within a 365-day period.

Connecting Paratransit Services

SEPTA provides complementary ADA paratransit service to pre-registered visitors. If you are a visitor using CCT paratransit for travel to or from a connecting fixed-route agency, remember to:

  • Inform CCT Reservations when making your reservation of the fixed-route agency you are connecting to/from.
  • Provide a requested time CCT paratransit will pick you up.
  • Confirm the connecting location with the other agency.

Transfer Point Locations

Connecting paratransit agencies and their transfer points are:

  • DART: Tri State Mall
  • NJ Access Link: Trenton Transportation Center or Eighth and Market Streets
  • PART: Pottstown Hospital

Paratransit Registration

To request registration, complete and return the Visitor Registration form below along with the required proof of eligibility.

FAQs for Paratransit for Visitors

ADA eligibility is good throughout the United States. If you wish to use ADA services elsewhere, you must contact that local transit agency before you travel. Get the agency’s contact information and CCT will send them verification of your eligibility.