SEPTA Key University Pass Program

For College and University Students

Through the SEPTA Key University Pass Program, colleges and universities in the SEPTA service region may electronically load Semester Passes to participating students’ SEPTA Key Cards.

Through program, SEPTA offers a discounted monthly or semester-based pass (fall and spring). The pass is good for up 960 rides taken over the course of the semester.

By using the pass, student rider fares are discounted approximately 10 percent. SEPTA provides a 5-percent discount that must be matched by the college or university.

Applying for a Pass

Students may apply online through the SEPTA Key site.

Participating students will need to purchase and register a regular SEPTA Key Card. The cost of the card is $4.95, and it may be purchased at a number of locations. The student should add the minimum payment and not a monthly pass product, which would make them ineligible for the University Pass Program.

The card may be registered by creating an account on the SEPTA Key site.

Students who already have a Key Card that is registered, has no other passes loaded, and does not expire within the valid semester dates may use that card. Log into the SEPTA Key site and follow the instructions for copying your Card Reference ID and submitting your pass request.

Reporting Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

Registered Key Cards have balance protection. If the card is ever lost, stolen or damaged, the fare or monies on the card can be transferred onto a new card.

Log into the SEPTA Key site, hotlist your old card, purchase a new card, register it to your current Key Card account, and you can complete a card-to-card transfer.

Participating Schools

Prospective Schools

All colleges and universities in the SEPTA service region are welcome to enroll.

The documents below must be completed by a representative of the university as part of the enrollment process.