Seat Availability

The Seat Availability Dashboard helps you plan your travel on SEPTA by showing the estimated seat availability at each stop or station. These estimates, which reflect SEPTA’s normal service standards, fall into three categories:

  • Many Seats Available: Expect that you can easily find a seat
  • Few Seats Available: Expect that you may have to search for a seat
  • Standing Room Only: Expect that all seats are taken

These estimates are not a live report of current conditions. Your experience may differ from SEPTA’s estimates. New estimates are published weekly, based on conditions from the previous two weeks.

How to Use the Seat Availability Dashboard

Use the drop-downs at the top of the dashboard to select the day of week you are planning to travel, as well as the route, and direction. On a mobile device, you will additionally select the stop name where you plan to begin your trip. If you do not see any results, try choosing another direction or stop name, since these can differ for each route.

On a mobile device, the times on the left are the scheduled departure times at the stop you selected.

On a desktop computer, the times on the left are the trip times. The circles follow stop order for each trip from left to right. Hover over each circle to see the stop name, the scheduled departure time at the stop, and the estimated seat availability at that stop.

Download the Seat Availability Data

You can find the full dataset behind this visualization on Github, updated weekly. We provide this data for transparency and for uses outside of this dashboard.