Trenton Transit Center

About This Stop

Address: 83 S. Clinton Avenue
City: Trenton, NJ
Fare Zone: NJ

This is an accessible station.

Sales Office Hours

There is no sales office open at this location.

Bike Racks

There are no bike racks at this location.


Non-SEPTA (various)3450unknown

Nearby non-SEPTA parking may be available through other transit services, municipalities, private owners, or streetside. Consult a map for options not listed here.

Related Information

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See the Trenton Transit Center parking information page for details about lots.

NJ Transit ticket vending machines sell the SEPTA/NJ Transit joint ticket.

SEPTA Routes for This Stop

Additional routes may serve stops that are adjacent to this location or a short walk away.

Other Connecting Services

  • Amtrak
  • NJ Transit Commuter Rail
  • NJ Transit River Line
  • NJ Transit Bus