Contactless Payment – Avoid Card Clash: Tap your Card, Not your Wallet

SEPTA implemented a new way to pay for bus and Metro (includes BSL, MFL, NHSL & Trolley). Riders can simply tap any credit/debit card or Apple/Google/Samsung Pay on the reader and hop on. Avoid card clash by removing the card you wish to use from your wallet and tap.

SEPTA Contactless Payment Launches September 25 Avoid Card Clash

Contactless payment is the future of public transit. This seamless way to travel is a great method to improve customer experience by allowing visitors, tourists, and infrequent passengers to ride the system with ease, add convenience to SEPTA’s loyal customers, and grow ridership. Riders get the best value for their trips without having to worry about buying tickets or passes ahead of time. This feature speeds up service during peak commute hours, lower carbon emission by reducing vehicle idle time when boarding, and improve rider experience.

Simply tap your Contactless bank card (either physical card or in Apple/Google/Samsung Pay) at the reader. It costs the same as the Travel Wallet ($2) and includes two free transfers, as long as you tap the same card. When using your physical card, remove it from your wallet first to ensure the proper card is charged.

Contactless Payment FAQ

SEPTA has been piloting this feature since early August. The two month Pilot proved successful, allowing us to Go Live to the public on September 29, 2023.

  • Tap your Contactless bank card (either physical card or in Apple/Google/Samsung Pay) at the reader.
  • Do not tap your wallet on the reader. To prevent card clash, you must take your preferred payment card out and tap it individually.
  • Card clash happens when two or more forms of Contactless payment are detected at the card reader at the same time.
  • Make sure to keep your credit, debit and SEPTA Key cards separate when tapping in and out.

The cost remains the same as the Travel Wallet ($2).

You get two free transfers within 120 minutes, same as with the Travel Wallet, as long as you tap the same card.

You will see a single charge for your total trip costs at the end of the day, and charges will settle on your account within 2 – 3 business days.

  • Yes, both.
  • To avoid card clash, keep your watch away from the card reader if you wish to use a card for payment.

At this time the SEPTA validators are not certified for Express Transit. You have to double tap the power button on your phone to launch Apple Pay, select the proper card (if not the default card) and use FaceID to enable it.

Visit and click on Help & Info > Print Receipt. Select Contactless from the drop down menu and complete the CAPTCHA request. On the next screen, enter the account details from your physical bank card (even if you tapped your Apple/Google/Samsung Pay).

Contactless payment launched on bus and Metro (includes BSL, MFL, NHSL & Trolley). Bus and Metro encompass about 80% of our ridership, as well as infrequent, tourist and visitor riders; Contactless is especially helpful for these groups.

Contactless payment will launch on Regional Rail in phase two (early 2024). In the meantime, you can continue to pay for your ride using your SEPTA Key card or cash.

These services require a SEPTA Key photo ID Card to travel, so Contactless payments won’t apply. Of course, you can use your bank card to load Travel Wallet on your Key card.

Yes, SEPTA Key cards and cash can still be used as a form of payment.

  • No. Not currently.
  • Families traveling together on Transit can currently purchase multiple Key Tix with a card and tap their phone once for each person in their group. They can do the same to get the free transfer. This will be available later this year or early next for Regional Rail.