Right-of-Entry Permits

If you require access to, or desire to use, SEPTA property, you must submit a Right of Entry (ROE) application to allow SEPTA the opportunity to review, coordinate and approve your request prior to coming onto SEPTA property.

The time from application submission to approval varies and is determined by request type, accuracy and completeness of all information provided to SEPTA, and other factors. Most applications require a nonrefundable processing fee of $2,000 to be remitted at the time of application.

Applications will be reviewed by SEPTA personnel, and upon approval, the applicant will be required to sign an ROE agreement that specifies the terms and conditions of applicant’s use of SEPTA property. Applicant is also advised that additional charges, covering engineering review and property protection by SEPTA employees, may also be required of applicant depending on the use of the property.

Email, verbal requests, or any method other than the official ROE application will not be valid and will not be reviewed or considered. Entry onto SEPTA property is prohibited until SEPTA has given its written approval to an ROE applicant.