What to Do When…

Suspicious items may be a variety of things, including:

  • Unattended boxes, packages, or cases
  • Tanks or bottles of chemicals
  • Notes or messages attached to suspicious packages
  • Unidentified mist, gas, vapor or odor
  • Liquids that appear to be leaking or seeping from suspicious items
  • Visible weapons

Make note of the appearance and location of the object(s). Dial 911. Do not use a cellular or radio device within 50 feet of a suspicious item.

Suspicious behavior may include:

  • Acting in a disorderly manner that alarms or disturbs others
  • Loitering and/or watching customers or employees
  • Expressing an unusual level of interest in operations, equipment, personnel or facilities
  • Being in a private or restricted area of SEPTA property without proper identification or apparent purpose

Make note of their physical appearance, but avoid approaching persons who appear outwardly dangerous or threatening. Dial 911.

If your property is stolen when you’re on SEPTA property or riding one of our vehicles, contact the SEPTA Transit Police at (215) 580-8111 and the local police department where the theft occurred.

If the property may have been lost, not stolen, check with SEPTA’s Lost and Found. Information is available on the Customer Service page.

Smartphones and other electronics often support a Find My Phone/Find My Device feature. Downloading and enabling the appropriate app will help pinpoint its location if it is lost or stolen.

In the case of an emergency evacuation of SEPTA property, stay calm, listen for instructions and use the appropriate exits as instructed. Help others who need assistance with evacuation.

More Evacuation Safety Tips are available online.