ADA Paratransit Service

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, SEPTA provides comparable service for people with disabilities who are functionally unable to use regular accessible fixed-route bus service for some or all of their transportation needs.

ADA program service mirrors travel on the regular fixed route bus and trolley system.

Eligible individuals can travel whenever and wherever buses operate in SEPTA’s five-county service region. There are no restrictions on trip purpose or frequency of travel.

For Philadelphia residents, ADA service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Registered customers in Philadelphia’s suburb counties may be picked up and dropped off within 3/4 of a mile of any fixed route, whenever and wherever they operate. If a bus operates 24/7, then CCT Connect service operates 24/7. If there is no evening or Sunday bus service, there is no evening or Sunday CCT service. Changes to bus routes may change the service area.

Brochures for the ADA Paratransit Service are available for download in English and Spanish.

FAQs for ADA Paratransit Service

Riders can register to bring one Personal Care Attendant for free. Guests pay the same fare as the ADA Paratransit customer. Children of any age ride for the same fare as an adult guest.

No. Federal regulations allow authorities 21 days to process applications. The 21-day clock begins when we receive a completed application, so make sure you fill it out completely, sign it, and include the Functional Form completed by a health care professional. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.

We carefully follow federal regulations when we assess a person’s eligibility for ADA service. Paratransit eligibility is based on an individual’s functional ability to use public transportation. CCT Connect will only be provided for those trips in which ADA paratransit eligibility standards have been met.

Refer to your eligibility letter to determine under what conditions you may use CCT Connect. Applicants who do not agree with their eligibility determination have 60 days to appeal. If your condition has changed since you were approved for ADA paratransit and it is more than 60 days since your approval, you may re-apply by requesting a new application.

You should receive a recertification application in the mail about 60 days before your eligibility expires. If you will need more than 60 days to get an appointment with the healthcare professional who completes your Functional Form, you may call CCT Connect Customer Service to request an application earlier.

Make sure to keep your postal mailing address and other contact information up-to-date. Please return the application promptly. Faxed applications will not be accepted.

Applicants will be contacted to schedule a functional assessment (transportation will be provided). You will receive an eligibility determination within 21 days of receipt of your completed application.

No. The CCT administrative offices are not open to the public. You must mail it. We cannot accept a fax because regulations require that we have original signatures. There are no extensions of service beyond your eligibility expiration date. The recertification forms are mailed out 60 days in advance. As a reminder, your expiration date is printed on every CCT ID card.