Shared-Ride Program

The Shared-Ride Program is a door-to-door ride-sharing service offered on a space-available basis with limited driver assistance. The service is for Philadelphia residents who are 65 or older. Reservations should be made in advance.

The service can be used to travel within the City of Philadelphia and to anywhere in the surrounding counties within three miles of the city’s border. The State of Pennsylvania Lottery Fund contributes to the cost of operating this program.

The Shared-Ride coordinators in suburban counties are:

  • Bucks County: Bucks County Transport, (215) 794-5554
  • Chester County: Krapf Coaches, (610) 594-3911
  • Delaware County: Community Transit, (610) 490-3960
  • Montgomery County: TRANSNET, (215) 542-7433

Brochures for the Shared-Ride Program are available for download in English and Spanish.

FAQS for the Shared-Ride Program

Shared-Ride customers may bring one person at the same fare. Additional people may ride at the General Public fare. Children of any age ride at the same fare as an adult guest.

Seniors are eligible to ride for free with a Senior Fare Card. The program applies to free transit on all fixed route services, including Regional Rail.

Seniors pay only 15% of the total cost of a CCT Paratransit ride, the remainder is funded by grants from the Pennsylvania Lottery.

If you are no longer a Philadelphia resident, you are no longer eligible for this program. Other counties also have a similar service. SEPTA’s shared-ride coordinators in Philadelphia’s neighboring counties may provide information for the suburbs.